{Boo Blooms}

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Oh the vibrant colors and bounty of autumn! Time to adorn the house, studio, or office with crimson, orange and gold. The wonderful season is now upon us and this little project is sure to get your creative juices flowing. You can create your own “blooms” with all the gorgeous Halloween Digi collage sheets now available in the Paper Whimsy Shoppe and there are oodles of embellishments to make this project.

Digi Sheet 270
Digi Sheet 273
Rustic Folk Star
Kraft Glassine Papers
Rusty Bell Garland
Black Mini Pom Pom Trim
Tacky Glue
Glue Gun
Florist foam
Orange and black ribbon

(1) Print out Digi sheets 270 and 273 and cut out images. I used the owls in various sizes and the words BOO.

(2) Created folded paper medallions by cutting Kraft Glassine paper into 2 inch strips and 1.5 inch strips. Fold strips using 1/2 inch pleats. Glue two strips together (end to end) to form a large circle. Once ends are dry, gather circle so center pleats all meet and dab glue on the inside (where pleats meet) and place a punched out Kraft Glassine circle on top and back of medallion with glue. Place a heavy object on medallion while it dries.

(3)Add owls to center of medallions with tacky glue. Add small amounts of glue to edges of medallions and sprinkle black glitter on and tap off access. Using a hot glue gun, center bamboo skewers to back of each medallion and let dry. Place skewers on back of rusty folk stars using hot glue and dry. Tie ribbons around each skewer under the edge of each medallion/star.

(4) Hot glue black ribbon around the edge of the metal pot. Add black mini pom pom trim on top using glue again.

(5) Place florist foam in pot and trim just above the edge with a knife. Cover foam with moss. *Or use clay, sculpty clay, play dough, in the bottom of the pot. Place holes in a cardboard circle (that fits the pot circumference) and arrange your “blooms” into the pot through the holes.

(6)Wind a portion of rusty bells garland around the stems of your blooms at the pot base.

(7) Place images on skewers into pot (like you are arranging flowers). Glue the words “BOO” to front of pot using a hot glue gun or pop dots.

I would love to see your “Boo Blooms” project. Will you share it with me?
Happy Creating!

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