{23 Years – Ode to Ian}

I had to make Ian a “creepy attic art” card for his birthday. He thinks Mom is quite strange using vintage images. He loves to tease me and say that their voices are talking to me because they live in my house, or how do I know what happened to them? Small pox, measles a host of things. Sum it up to how boy’s interact with their Mama’s. The image is from Collage Visions.

Ian at 5 days

Ian at 9 months – always serious

Andrew and Ian – August 2008

On January 26, 1986 I gave birth to my first child, Ian. He arrived on a snowy morning and Super Bowl Sunday to boot. It was a difficult birth (aren’t they all?) but worth every moment. I remember sitting in recovery holding Ian and he just stared and took everything in around him. Thus the nickname “the sponge” evolved because all through his childhood he was always “taking in” his surroundings.

Today Ian turns 23, and I can’t believe how time has flown. How can it be possible? I remember like it was just yesterday having this new little bundle of joy. Ian is currently in school full-time and just started working in the MRI department of a local hospital. He is now administering the “IV” portion of a MRI scan. I am proud of my baby boy because he is such an independent young man. Happy Birthday Ian and I am so glad that the Lord blessed me with being your Mama!

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