{Victorian Treat Cones} 14 heARTS Day #6

Today I celebrate the big #49 birthday. I don’t like odd numbers, and I don’t like the fact that next year I turn 50 …but playing “14 HeARTS” with all of you will make my birthday more “happy” and “creative” this year!

This photo was taken with my paternal Grandfather Peter Maxwell. Grandpa was born in Scotland on February 6th, 1894 and I would arrive on his 70th birthday. He passed away shortly after my fourth birthday, but I still have some memories of him. One being a special poem he wrote my Mom the day I was born.






Victorian Treat Cones

These sweet treat cones would make charming gifties at a Valentine lunch or tea. Tuck little chocolates or other treasures inside and your guests have a lovely keepsake to display for years to come.


Crystal Prism (optional)
Buttons (optional)
Paper Shred
E6000 Glue
Matte Gel Medium
Collage Hearts from Paper Whimsy
Red Sparkle Heart (Michael’s Craft Store)
Postcard Image (Graphics Fairy)


(1) Trace a circle on to canvas. I used a Pyrex lid and a pencil. Cut out circle.

(2) Roll into a cone shape and add glue along edges so the cone stays in place. You may need clothespins or clamps to help keep the shape while the glue dries.

(3) Once glue is dry, add matte gel to the canvas and apply post card image to front smoothing out wrinkles. Allow to dry/set up on wax paper.

(4) When cone is dry, add dabs of E6000 around top edge and glue lace all the way around. Hold in place with clothespins while it sets up.

(5) Tie a bow and glue to the front of cone with E6000.
Glue a ribbon handle on cone with the ends on each side.

(6) Cut out Paper Whimsy hearts and double them running a stitch on the machine. Hot glue on to bamboo skewers on backside of heart.

(7) Tuck paper shred, lace, red sparkle heart, Paper Whimsy heart, and candies into cone.

(8) Add crystal prism to front of cone by bending wire or placing permanently with E6000 glue.


Each day 3 lucky winners could receive a free download image sheet from the lovely Gale Blair, owner of www.paperwhimsy.com

Paper Whimsy Sheet 041

Please leave a comment with your name and email address to be eligible for this prize. Giveaway winners will be contacted by email to claim their prize!

Our giveaways winners for Day #6 are:
Linda K.
Sandi McLean

Congratulations! Gale will contact you by email with your prize!

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  1. Hope you have a lovely birthday, it will come go and you will still feel as young! Sweet pic of you and Grandpa Maxwell. Todays project is a beauty, cant wait to do this one!

  2. What a lovely posey. Age is all a state of mind. Fifty has come and gone for me, I’m in the middle of the 50 decade. It’s interesting how AARP and funeral homes find your address as soon as you turn 50. Just ignore all that. I think the 50’s are wonderful, you know yourself well enough to be assertive, interesting with all your facts and little known tidbits, and who cares if you wear bright red, it looks great no matter what!

  3. Well weren’t you just the cutie??? Hey kiddo, I’m in the middle 60’s…and still chugging along!!! A quote I used in several friends’ birthday cards last year.. also turning 65..”Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Mark Twain.
    Great project. I love the cones for all manner of goodies.

  4. Happy Birthday, Nancy. Hope you have a lovely day. That’s a lovely photo of you with your Grandpa.

    Love your Treat Cone – all that scrummy vintage lace. :o)

  5. Happy Birthday!! Age is definitely a state of mind and as long as you continue to do what you enjoy, you will always be young at heart. Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful projects with us!

  6. such a precious photo – love the cone, too!

  7. p.s. Happy Birthday! 50 sounds young to this great-grandmother!

  8. Have a wonderful birthday, and I love today’s work of art! Sue

  9. Happy Birthday Nancy.
    You really should not worry about the number it is how you feel that matters!
    I shall be 59 on the 15th and I feel like a 17 year old it’s just my bits that are giving up on me LOL
    Have a wonderful day & don’t eat too much cake
    Pam x

  10. Happy Birthday and all the best to you and many happy returns! And what a wonderful way of celebrating the day with these gorgeous cones!

  11. Happy Birthday Nancy!!!! What a wonderful cone yo have created….hugs

  12. I love your cones! They are always so full of lace and other pretties! Happy 49th! You are still so young… Enjoy your celebrating!

  13. Happy birthday!!! Ah 49 wish I was 49!!!!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Nancy! Enjoy #49 as the next one you will be a 1/2 decade old! What a great photo of your g-pa and you and what a sweet memory! The cone is stunning and I love that pop of red! All kidding aside, I hope your day is absolutely wonderful! Hugs!

  15. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you! My 47th birthday is in 20 days. :) Such a sweet photo of your and your grandpa. I never met my dad’s dad and the only picture I have of myself with my mom’s dad is when he was in a wheelchair in the hospital. I was about 2 at the time and was sitting on his lap. He died shortly thereafter. That treat cone sure is filled to the brim with lots of lovely treats. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  16. Absolutely a treat to look at

  17. Happy Birthday Nancy!!!! To be honest, I had a harder time with 49 than I did with 50! My 50th was filled with fun as hubby,my closest friends and their spouses all turned 50 the same year.
    Your cone is so pretty-especially the way it’s displayed on that gorgeous china!!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love the cone and I have the materials! Woo hoo! Really like the idea that the cone is made from canvas. Will be posting the book shortly and am starting on the heart hanger. Have a great day! Helene

  19. Hello Nancy, happy birthday to you!! Hope you have a wonderful day!
    I love your victorian cone, so gorgeous. I saw on Dorthe’s blog that you have these tutorials. Thank you so much for sharing! Very inspiring.

    Hugs and happy day,
    Wendy of AppleApricot

  20. Oh, I remember 49…I think I do. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with the things you love.
    Sweet little cone that could be used for so many occasions.

  21. Happy Birthday!!!

  22. Happy Birthday dear Nancy! I just turned 49 last November and it’s hard to believe that I’m that old! lol! I don’t feel it. And my dear girl, YOU don’t look 49!
    Your cone is beautiful, thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a wonderful day!

  23. Oh! I love the photo of you and your Grandpa. Such sweet memories.

  24. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day today. What a precious memory of your Grandfather. Thank you for the “sweet” project today. :-)

  25. linda moyes says:

    thx for this one. Been looking forward to it.

  26. Kathy Bumb says:

    Love these fantastic tutorials – I also read your blog as often as I can. They are so beautiful!!!

  27. Sharon alpert says:

    Happy Birthday…Celebrate for the Whole Month!!!! another beautiful project and photographed so beautifully , Thanks x 6, Sharon

  28. Dearest Nancy,
    A BIG happy birthday to you, I hope your day is wonderful!
    Your cone is so very beautiful, and such a gorgeous piece, to give someone dear for Valentine-and it will be a lovely christmas cone also ,when that time comes around again.
    OH a stunning plate to get served Nancy.
    Hugs and birthday kisses.

  29. Happy Birthday Nancy, thanks for sharing all these beautiful tutorials with us, the cone is so wonderful.

  30. Hi Nancy,

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! I love the cone!!

  31. Happy Birthday have a wonderful speical day, love the cones they are on the list of to make.

  32. Happy Birthday Nancy. The cones are very sweet.

  33. Happy Birthday and what a sweet picture!

  34. j mizelle says:

    Happy, happy birthday. Wishing you much happiness, today and always. The cones are wonderful!

  35. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday Nancy! Your cone is uber sweet~just like you!

  36. Happy Birthday! This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the Posey, it is lovely.

  37. Jackie Mohring says:

    Happy Birthday Nancy! You’re just a kid…enjoy! I really like your use of the crystals on the cone!

  38. ~♥Happy, happy b’day Nancy…my g’pa was my favorite…cute pic & love the cone…am enjoying all the lovely treats you are so sweetly giving to us…thank*U! Have a good one & remember it is mind over matter…if u don’t mind, it don’t matter… =) hugs & blessings for many more b’days, vikki♥~

  39. whoopsie, missed day #6 so catching up this morning. I’ve always loved loved loved your vintage cones! They bring back fond memories for me of May Day when I was growing up in the Midwest. My Mom and I would make these cones from newspaper, fill them with fresh flowers picked from the yard (translate dandelions, clover, wild violets), add a ribbon hanger. Then I would go door to door hanging the cones on the front door knobs, ringing bells or knocking and running away like hell.

  40. Happy belated birthday Nancy, so sorry I missed the big day but hope you had a wonderful day celebrating YOU! Wonderful photo of you and your Grandfather and you are blessed to have such wonderful memories of him. Thank you as always for your delightful tutorial, love these tussie-mussies!

  41. Oh Nancy, I think I missed this one, unless I caught it on FB–I’ve been so busy with helping to take care of the grandkids and dealing with my migraines, sometimes the days get away from me. Happy late Birthday, and I hope you had a lovely, special day! And don’t worry about being 49–it’s a wonderful age, and I wish I could re-visit it myself–I’m turning 60 in a couple of months, and to me, that’s a lot worse than turning 50–I just cannot believe it when I think about it because I feel so much younger in my mind!!!!!!!!!!

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