{6 Months}

It doesn’t seem possible that today – 6 months have passed since we lost our Dad.
We are still going through so many of his papers, belongings, and I have not even begun to put a dent into the photos I have found. Sometimes I want to sort through, and other times I avoid it.

I have felt his presence still in so many ways – as have all of us. I still yearn to see him and speak to him again. I have a tape recording of his voice (an interview I did less than 5 days before he died) that I still have not been able to play. I am afraid of the unknown feeling of what I might feel.

I wanted to post this photo I found from the “new” collection of forgotten photos.
It is my Uncle Jack (left) and my Dad (right) during WWII. I love how happy they look – and how neat to be serving at the same time (their brother Jim was also but he must have been in Europe at this time)…

It still amazes me how much my boys look like their Grandpa. Sometimes I feel that God blessed me with that, I see it in their smiles, eyes, mannerisms…it really is odd how strong family traits can be! :)

I will be thinking of you today Daddy as I always do, hoping you feel my prayers and know that we miss you more than anything – but we try each day to love and support each other – and take care of Mom. Miss you!

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