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I am so happy to share another project with you this week I started working on as part of Occupational therapy in October. This journal contains snippets from my recovery August 18 – December 23, 2014. Special moments, memories, milestones and friends that got me through. There are so many FRIENDS online that have been there for me 110% too!

I selected a 7 Gypsies album (Kraft) and altered it using aqua craft paints, old recipe ephermera (from a cookbook) and white doilies. I sealed that all with matte gel medium. The photos were taken into a photo editing program and changed to a “sepia” tone. I included bits of computer text as well. My handwriting is still pretty much gone for my standards. I used to have really pretty handwriting, but I can write and that is how I need to look at things for now.

I am really pleased yet again that I DID IT. When I was in acute rehab at the hospital, my goal was to use my hands again…forget walking. Walking comes first though, and the fine motor comes later.

Today, it is a high of 9 degrees Fahrenheit and my foot and hand are FREEZING. I am feeling sorry for myself and took this picture of my foot that took quite a hit from the stroke. I am flat footed and my right foot actually has an arch now. I’m coming out of the closet to share this so publicly (I shared it on Facebook with my friends earlier today) and yes I am a bit whiny today. Probably I should have stayed under the covers today!  :-)



I started round #4 of Physical Therapy this week at a new location. I’ve been there before a few years back, and I requested the same girl. She will work wonders, and yes we will be concentrating on this foot. I knew in July, that the foot was one thing they were not sure would recover…but then they aren’t sure on any of it. Each patient if different. Each stroke is different. I just want back what I had and the fight is not over till I say so!

Thanks again for your ongoing support and sweet comments of encouragement. One thing I love about this is so many of you have come of “lurking”…I knew you were out there from my web stats…but that you actually say things now means a lot!

Happy Wednesday!

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