{Altered Poetry Tin}

As we enter the month of March, I always think of bulb flowers and blooming things. I can’t help but find inspiration from the poems written by Hilda Conkling. I created this altered poetry tin using snips of Hilda’s poetry. I love to use bits of poetry in my artwork and think it stems from a Grandfather who actually wrote poetry. The little tin makes a lovely memento for someone special!


(1) Paint tin with gesso or primer. Once it is dry, coat with craft paint. I used an off white.

(2) Apply matte gel medium to the interior of tin and add pattern paper that is cut to fit. You will also want to do this to the front lid and back of tin. Layer and collage images on front, back, and interior. Glue ribbon along the rim of tin.

(3)To create fold out, cut a piece of cardstock 12 inches long by 3 1/4 inches. With a scoring blade (or bone folder) score at 2 1/8 inches. You should have 5 sections and one smaller section (a tail) at the end.

(4) Collage each section using various pattern papers that have been distressed with ink. I used a corner rounder on each edge. Add beautiful faces and various images to each section. Glue little strips of word art or poetry.

(5) Adhere ribbon to the back (tail stub) or the card stock and place inside the tin. You will be able to tie the fold out closed with the ribbon.


Using the tag booklets available in the shoppe, adhere to folded cardstock.

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