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Hello! I am proud to say that this little project that was started a few weeks ago…is finally complete! I have been yearning to create art, but was in a slump of creating. I used to be able to go on for hours when working on a project…and sadly I cannot do that as of yet. I *hope* one day to return to that, but realistically should probably just accept creating in little bits.

This is a chipboard album that was painted a soft creamy color. I then added old book text and soft neutral pattern papers to the front. I just kept building layers of papers (sheet music and various ephemera) and old printed collage photos.

I have added buttons and quotes to every page. The rings that hold the album together have strands of sari silk and seam binding ribbon attached. On various ribbon strands I added little wooden spools.


One of the reasons I have not had much time for art is this guy…my Grandpup Kane who has been living with me since the end of February. I have a 13 year old calico cat who dislikes him very much. So I must take turns during the day of who is in what room, for how long etc. A never ending shifting of critters being separate from each other. Kane has helped keep my mind off missing my dear Hailey and not having a dog in the house…but in some ways I worry of the emptiness when he goes back to live with my son again.

Hope you are enjoying spring time wherever you are! <3

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