{Angelic Fabric Hangers ~ Day #5}


Angelic Fabric Hangers

These little fabric hangers make perfect ornaments or wee gifties for your loved ones this year!


Little Angels Digital Collage Sheet
Fabric Transfer Sheets
Mica Chips (optional)
Mother of Pearl Buttons
Muslin Fabric
Alene’s Tacky Glue
Sewing machine
Various Lace
Remnants Scissors
Rotary Cutter (optional)
Duck Cloth Canvas


(1) Print out Digital Collage Angel Sheet on to a fabric photo transfer sheet using the product guidelines from the manufacturer and your printer options. Cut each photo out with a rotary cutter or by hand with scissors.


(2) Tear (or cut if you want exact measurements) strips of muslin a little larger than the angel image. This will allow a small fabric border to highlight your image. You can even up the fabric by pulling threads for a frayed look or simply snip away with scissors.


(3) Center image on muslin fabric and select a pretty machine stitch and sew around the edge. For those of you that do not sew you can make running stitches to secure.


(4) Cut strips of canvas (duck cloth) to fit the image you have sewn on muslin. Fray the edges by pulling strands of fabric off. Add tacky glue to the back of the angel/muslin image (in an S shape) and place on duck cloth canvas. Smooth out glue bumps with fingers or a brayer and set aside to dry.


(5) Sew a piece of lace (or several for a layered effect) and sew at the bottom of the ornament.


(6) Sew seed beads with needle and thread on random spots along the border of the photo.


(7) Sew a piece of lace border to the top of ornament to form a hanger. Sew two buttons over ends of lace.


(8) Brush tacky glue in random areas of ornaments and sprinkle with mica chips.


I have compiled all the tutorials from “A Very Vintage Christmas” into one easy to follow PDF file and it is available in my shop for instant download on to your computer:

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