{Autumn Flag Banners}

Here are two little flag banners I made using various vintage laces, pearl beads, mother of pearl buttons, and a Paper Whimsy face. It is hard to believe it is the last day of September. I wish that I could say my life has been super busy creating things, but it seems it has been just the opposite.

I’ve been in Physical Therapy for three weeks (2x’s a week) and it has made a huge improvement on my movement, pain, and sleep. Who would have thought that losing your balance (but never falling) and a leg landing in the wrong position could have brought on so much pain. They are re-adjusting everything on me and what has helped the most is the skeletal therapist. I am so grateful for the PT because it has finally giving me some relief, but it will be a long process of getting the muscles strong again, sciatic nerve to calm down, and the soft tissue damage to heal.

Thank you for all the well wishes. Wishing you a Happy October a day early!

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