{Bewitched Cone}

As seen on the Paper Whimsy Inspire Blog

The whisper of October’s falling leaves, crisp air, and colorful pumpkins everywhere…this “Bewitched Cone” is an enchanting project sure to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Single30b PNG
Backgrounds 02 PNG
Rusty Bell Garland
Studio Cloth
Kraft Shed
Rustic Folk Star
Rustic Pins
Black Ball Trim or lace
Black Ribbon
Black Craft Paint
Tacky Glue
Silver Sparkle

(1) Trace large circle (I used a dinner plate) on to Studio Cloth. Cut out and cover with black craft paint. Once dry, flip and cover areas that will peek out when it is rolled into a cone.

(2) Roll circle into a cone shape. Glue areas where the cone meets and clamp to dry with clothespins or book binding clips.

(3) When cone is dry, add black lace around top edge. This can be done with a needle and thread or hot glue gun.

(4) Cut black ribbon for handle hanger and black ribbon streamers for front. Tack on with a few stitches.

(5) Print Single30b PNG (isn’t she spooky?) on to matte card stock photo paper. Cut out a piece of chipboard to match photo dimensions and collage image using Perfect Paper Adhesive or Matte Gel Medium. Set aside to dry.

(6) Coat Rustic Folk Stars with Perfect Paper Adhesive and dust with a coat of silver glitter. Glue star to center front of cone, and glue two of the stars to bamboo skewers. Tie black ribbon underneath.

(7) Print script from Backgrounds 02 PNG and roll. Attach a staple in back to secure.

(8) Cut and tea stain two pieces of cheese cloth (approximately 4.5 inches by 10 inches each). Set aside to dry.

(9) Stuff cone with kraft shred. Add photo, rolled script tube, tuck cheesecloth in front and back of cone, silver stars, and straw flowers.

(10) Dust the cone with black glitter in certain areas using tacky glue.

(11) Wrap rusty bell garland around the base of the cone. You may need to glue it at the back to hold the bells in place.

This cone will make a charming accent to your home, office, studio or to give as a gift this Halloween season. I would love to see your “Bewitched Cone” project. Can you share it with me by placing a link on the Paper Whimsy Inspire Blog?

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