{Birthday Wishes}

Today I hit the big 43! After 40 – who really counts?
I awoke this morning at 4:21 a.m. to an automated phone call from our superintendent of schools…another snow day – woo hoo! Who could ask for a better birthday gift? Although, we are calling off school because we have sub-zero temps – and it really is difficult to fall back asleep after getting a phone call at that hour! :)

I was born on my Grandfather Peter Maxwell’s 70th birthday in 1964.
He was so thrilled. He wrote my mother a poem (he was a poet) that I still treasure today. I only knew Grandpa until my fourth year – as he passed on Valentine’s Day that year….

As for my celebration today – low key. It will be my first birthday without my Dad,
and I feel sad about that (he was also a February birthday.) We have plans for this Thursday to take the whole clan (my siblings, my children, my Mom, niece and nephews) to Red Lobster for dinner. We will celebrate all the late January and February birthdates then (yes we have ALOT)…

So today – I will pretend I am still 39 ;) and stay indoors – below zero is not something I want to be out in – maybe find some creative time and eat some chocolate! :)

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