I returned home from our whirlwind trip to find the most beautiful and heartfelt blog that had been put together by Linda. The blog is called For Nancy
This is her artpiece that she contributed of my son. She asked other artists to contribute a piece with encouragement for Andrew and his Mom.

I am blown away at the love and support of web friends from all over the world. I have not even begun to look at each gorgeous piece – but have cried knowing we are loved and cared for during this time. What I appreciate the most is people who have shared from the heart – no matter what their feelings may be about the war – and embraced a Mom and her soldier son – no words can describe how awesome that is.
We are deeply blessed to know so many loving and supportive people. thank you!

I hope to come and visit these pieces over the next few days – we returned home on Friday night after spending 4 days in a car traveling a minimum of 8 hours a day.
Hailey (our boxer) was ill while we traveled but is now fine. Andrew looked wonderful and it was great to see where he has lived the past year and meet his company. He is now a specialist and team leader which I am very proud of.

To add to our crazy week – as we were traveling down to Georgia I received two phone calls asking to see our house. We put it on the market 3 weeks ago never imagining to get calls (Michigan is VERY bad in home sales because of the economy right now)…so since Friday night I have been cleaning, decluttering and picking up as we have 2 families coming to see the place this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed that it is successful!

I hope to visit my blog friends soon! I have missed all of you and my creative time!

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