{Brothers Serving the U.S.A.}

I had the delight of receiving my Somerset Memories June/July 2008 Issue in the mail yesterday. After a long hard week of helping my Mom pack and purge her household, it was a little ironic at the timing. Just the night before, while I was going through my Dad’s odds and ends in the tool cabinet, I came upon a plastic bag that was sealed. I opened it to find my Dad’s WWII Army jacket, the one that he was unable to find the last few years of his life. I wept like a child as my emotions were mixed with joy and sadness. I was joyful that his treasure was not misplaced after all, but saddened at the reminder he was no longer with us here on Earth and he did not know his jacket was among his precious tools.

The WWII book was made to document parts of my Dad and his brothers service days.
You may see more of the album in this previous blog thread here:

Brothers Serving the U.S.A.

I hope my Dad is smiling down from heaven content to know the coat is safe! :)

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