{Camp Iskan Update}

I heard from my son today via a message he left on myspace. I am sooo excited because he might be able to communicate more with us now. I downloaded AIM and added him…woohoo!!!!

“yeah im good just smelly havent showered in like 5 days we work with the iraqis a lot and we stay out in sector its pretty cool minus the no shower but their putting showers in soon we just got an internet thing here today so i can use that. I bought a disposable camera so i can take pictures and send the camera home so u can develop them and have them. tell everyone im doing good and i will get a hold of them when i can. if you want anything neat from over here just tell me and i will buy it like rugs and stuff like that.” love you Andrew

This photo I found on Time Magazines web site. A soldier guarding the power plant in July 2007. This is what my Andrew is also doing as part of his duties currently.

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