{Christmas Oldies}

I wanted to share a few family Antique postcards with you that my Grandmother kept. They were sent from my Great-Great Grandparents (George and Hester Hedican) and Great-Great Uncle Lem to my Great Uncle (Grandpa’s little brother) Leslie Ford.

I love the sweet notes on the back and that you didn’t even need a zip code or street address back in the day. They were sent in 1911 and I love being the owner of them. The Santa is my favorite and the photograph does not do it justice.

Been hustling and bustling around here and now fear that I have come down with my first flu bug of the year. A wicked migraine for the past several days and now the yucks. I didn’t have much to share so I grabbed photos of some older art to share with you.

Little mini gothic ornaments made from lace and muslin. Lots of buttons on these…

Little mini matchbook ornaments dance like sugarplums in our heads…

One of my favorite altered spoons…I love this adorable face and the chubby shape of the spoon.

A Blue Altered Bingo card with silver sparkle…

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