{December Wishes}

Happy December! I can’t believe this month is already here. The weather sure has been playing tricks on us here in Michigan. A slight teases of snow last week, and tomorrow a high of 60 degrees! It is all OK with me since we have been doing some major home improvements around here…but I still love a snowy Christmas season!

These little mini journals were created using images from two of my sponsors:
Paper Whimsy and Digital Collage Sheets

I really have not done much of anything around here. We had a construction crew here last week covering our home with vinyl siding. It looks like a brand new house! Now, I have to put everything back. Only one thing broke in the whole “house rattling & pounding process”….we are looking forward to being more snug as a bug in our little house now. It is amazing what insulation foam, wrap and vinyl can do!

I am in the process of cleaning up my Mom’s childhood sled. I have owned it for years and never have put it out at Christmas. It would look awesome outside – but I fear someone might take it. I figure it is probably 80 years old since my Mom just turned 85 in October. I love it so much. What do you think?

Happy December 1st!

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I am a dabbler. I love to create using all sorts of mediums...pattern papers, stamping, fabric, assemblage, collage, altered art, a never ending smattering of whatever strikes my fancy in whimsical moments. I find creating allows my soul to be fulfilled and love to spend hours in the studio.


  1. Beautiful mini books, Nancy. Love your sled :o)

  2. Oh, Nancy, I adore your little journals…great classic look.
    The sled is a real treasure and looks to be in perfect condition. Lucky you!!

  3. Your little journals are wonderful! So vintagey and perfect touches!

    I adore the sled! What a keepsake; it’s in great condition!

    xxoo Marilyn

  4. Nancy love the mini comp Christmas vintage books.

  5. those notebooks are SO sweet! and that beloved sled? wow…how sentimental!! i LOVE it!

  6. The sled is a treasure…I would keep it inside to enjoy! Happy Holidays!

  7. Oh Nancy…these are absolutely beautiful to me!!!! I hope you are doing so good sweet friend and I wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  8. The sled is a keepsake look good for 80 plus years.

  9. Its been a while Since I have left a comment even though I read all your post. Your mini journals are stunning! What a fabulous gift! And I love that sleigh. I to am a bit distrusting and would be worried about having such a beautiful antique stolen. It turned out to be a beauty.

  10. Oh, Nancy, your little journals just about melted my heart… how precious they are!

    And you mom’s sled is in museum-worthy condition–how lovingly you have restored it to its original beauty.♥ Please don’t display it outside! I would hate for it to be damaged by the elements or “taken” by someone!: (((


  11. Your journals are so sweet..and two of my favorites for darling children images.
    I’d keep that sled inside too. It’s a family treasure and best enjoyed inside your home. It looks beautiful. (I re-did a decor sled last year, I’d had it for (OMG) almost 30 years. It was my first project at a stenciling class and I didn’t like the stencil I used..and I even keep it in the house, on the hearth!!!)

  12. Hello Nancy,
    Your little vintage books are very sweet! It is nice to have everyday things prettied up like this! Wouldn’t they make great stocking stuffers?
    Your mum’s sleigh in amazing! I wouldn’t place it out doors either. It looks really good where you have it in the photo : )

  13. No, don’t put it outside! People take things not understanding the true worth! These are very sweet mini journals, but all of your creations are always so heartfelt! You will enjoy the warmth and not to mention saving a few $$! Enjoy the warmer weather, because you know that Santa is going to bring you snow or snow-peas! Hugs and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  14. Your notebooks are beautiful and very sweet, dear Nancy!
    The sled is such a treasure! I’d be afraid too to put it outside. It would be more than a shame when it would get stolen.
    Happy Sunday!

  15. Hi Nancy I love your little notebooks – the little girls faces are so sweet and especially because they have been adorned with your special touch!
    You must be feeling more snug now that you have had all that foam insulation installed!
    What a special heirloom that sled is from your mother’s childhood! Such a treasure.
    How are you going with the Yoga?
    Thinking of you warmly and with love,

  16. Gorgeous mini comp books Nancy! I love making these too. Your sled is very special- personally I’d find a special spot INSIDE to display it. Beside the fact that it could be stolen-the varying temps and elements might cause the wood to weaken and rusting to occur.

  17. Love your little note books and the sled is charming. You are lucky to have something so precious.

  18. Dear Nancy ,
    they are precious, and I also love the images from both sponsors, -your bows are adorable.
    What a wonderful sledge from your mother, you really made the wood look great, and lovely .
    Great that you have the house insulated so you can rest piecefull and warm inside in winter,
    Warm hug, Dorthe

  19. Your mini journals are beautiful! And how I love the sled – so beautiful. I wouldn’t dare to put that outside either! My daughter has had a wooden sled that we bought in Germany and we are so glad that she has it. When she goes sledding in Yosemite everybody calls it “Santa’s sleigh” – we sure love that!

  20. Your art is amazing, and I love your blog. I have purchased some of your tutorials and can’t wait to have some time to begin using them. Keep the sled in the house…too much sentiment attached to run any risks. Sue

  21. Nancy, I love the vintage winter white notebooks.
    I’ve put my old sled with my old ice skates out on my front porch for years now. I also added a little greenery and string of lights. I think it looks so cool. You can always chain it to something if you are afraid it might “go missing.”
    Had something published recently with Sugar Lump stamps. (I’ve posted it on m y blog:)
    Take care and stay warm:)

  22. Hi Nancy!! Thank you so much for coming by for a visit and leaving a sweet comment. :)
    I am always inspired by the lovely work that you do and it was a joy popping over for a visit!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  23. Hi Nancy,
    Luv your latest creations, but I especially luv your Mom’s childhood sled, so happy you are decorating it for Christmas. Ü
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. What sweet little journals! I just love them!

  25. Oh Miss Nancy your work is a dream.
    Love all the little shabby books.
    Awesome work as always.

  26. Your little notebooks are just adorable Nancy! That sled is gorgeous too, and would brighten any spot where you put it. Have a great week.


  27. Your mini albums are stunning, Nancy–your work always is! And that sled of your mother’s is absolutely priceless! You’ve made it just glorious–and I would KEEP it inside! Don’t want to risk it…too bad we have to worry about things like that. And congratulations on your “new” house!

    Wishing you a beautiful first week of December, my friend!


  28. Dear Nancy,
    the sled would be wonderful to hold all the Christmas gifts.Love the mini journals.

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