{FAITH in 2014}

FAITH…that is my word for 2014. I’ve never joined in on selecting a “word” for the New Year…but I need to do it!
Faith really was an easy word to pick – I didn’t need to rack my brain too hard on that one…and I was inspired by a quote that set my mojo moving…



I started my journal page by painting…painting and painting. I forgot how time consuming painting is! Various hues of royal blue, french blue, and aqua were built up using a chipboard album background.



I printed out my quote using computer fonts and dusted in the sentences with chalk. The hearts on the side borders have a wash of watered aqua paint to mute them a wee bit…



Now comes the fun part…I was able to incorporate some of the Paper Whimsy Alterables in to this album. I adore using these.



There is something about wood – and the smell that takes me back to my childhood. It reminds me of my Dad and all the projects I would do around the house with him (yes I was a tag along)…painting, glittering, altering…be still my happy ART Heart!


Now that my 2014 chipboard journal has been started I hope my painting patience will remain. I do love painting – but it is a tedious process to get a layered result. I do love using masks, bubble wrap, and dry brushing too.






One spread made – and many more to follow! Bring on 2014!

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