{Fort Stewart, Georgia}

We are heading out this morning to Fort Stewart, Georgia to see Andrew’s base and meet his company. He has been residing here since graduating from flight school (a little over 15 months). I have always found it ironic that my son was stationed at this base because my father’s name was “Stewart” and Andrew’s middle name is also.
Stewart is a family surname (my great-great grandmother’s maiden name)…at times it has brought me comfort.

We plan to drive through the Smokie Mountains in Tennessee on the way. It should be beautiful at this time of year. I want to send my boy off, but honestly this will be the hardest trip I have ever made.

Thank you for your continued support, love and encouragement. It is wonderful to know that so many people love our soldiers. Wherever they are – or whatever they do -our troops need that. GODSPEED!!!!

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