{Fower Flaeries}

Ode to the Fower Flaeries…here are a few projects to get your mind in a magical place. The Fower Flaeries in the shoppe are awaiting new homes to play and dream in. Use them in your mixed-media art, card and tag making, or as sweet little ornaments to adorn your home. I would love to see what you create with these sweet whimsical souls…won’t you share your art with me?!

“I cannot see fairies. I dream them. There is no fairy can hide from me; I keep on dreaming till I find him:
There you are, Primrose! I see you, Black Wing!”

-Hilda Conkling

Fower Flaerie Fan Ornament

Fower Flaerie 01 Digi Sheet
White Glitter
Paper Doilies
Wire Butterfly
Pattern Paper
Glue Gun

(1)Cut 6 inch by 12 inch heavy pattern paper. Score every 1/2 inch to form pleats. Gather together in a fan shape and pierce holes at the bottom in each pleat with needle. Run a strand of wire through holes and twist to keep the fan shape.
(2)Dust fan pleats with glitter using small dabs of glue. Run a small wire at the top of fan for hanging purposes.
(3)Hot glue doily on to center of fan. Add punched scallop shape and Fower Flaerie face. Glue butterfly to center.
(4)Print out word in Microsoft Word and cut into banner shape. Glue on fan below image.
(5)Make small bow with ribbon and glue at base of fan.

Fower Flaerie Gothic Arch

Fower Flaerie 02 Digi Sheet
White Glitter
Pattern Paper
Computer text
Distress Ink

(1)Cut out gothic shape from pattern paper. Distress ink edges. Glue Fower Flaerie to background.
(2)Type out Faerie poem (Hilda Conkling) in Microsoft Word and print. Cut poem words into strips and glue on to arch background.
(3)Glue pattern gothic shape to cardstock. Trim along edges to keep Gothic shape.

Fower Flaerie Altered Mini Clipboard
Fower Flaeries 01 Digi Sheet
Wired Ribbon – Ivory
Humble Leaf Spray
White Glitter
Mini Clipboard
Craft Paint
Pattern Paper
Computer text

(1) Gesso and paint mini clipboard. Collage pattern paper on background. Cut out Fower Faerie and add to side of clipboard with matte gel medium.
(2) Type out poetry (Hilda Conkling) in Microsoft Word. Print and cut into strips. Collage strips on to clipboard. Dust flaerie and leaves with white glitter.
(3) Collage leaves along poetry. Add Humble Leaf Spray to top of clipboard and wrap Ivory wired ribbon in a bow. Wrap more Ivory wired ribbon at the base of clipboard.

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