{Freedom Fighters}

I saw this photo on my son Andrew’s myspace account. It was taken on a recent all nighter training in Georgia. Andrew told me they had camped out and were kept up all night practicing at the target range. His platoon delt with pouring rain and tornado’s. Andrew was very heavily on my Dad’s mind his last day of speaking to us.
He never said his name, but was talking about the Taliban and I knew what my Dad was worrying about. Andrew was able to fly up for 2 days to attend his Papa’s funeral, and then whisked off again. We will not see him until Thanksgiving. I love this photo because it allows me to be somewhat a part of my son’s life when he is not with us – and it reminds me what he will be facing in a few months when he is shipped off to Iraq. I know my Dad worried what Andrew will be facing – but I also know how proud he is of his grandson. Godspeed Andrew

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