{Friend of My Heart}


Happy New Year! I must say that saying goodbye to 2012 was easy for me to do this year. We had so many health problems, surgeries, and scares this past year that I hope 2013 will bring many blessings instead. I always love getting a clean start with a brand new year.


One of my (many) goals this year is to get more situated in our home. We bought it January 2010, moved in six weeks later after gutting it. I didn’t even have kitchen counters when we moved in. It has taken some time to get anything done (hubby had two knee surgeries during this time) and I want things to finally feel situated. Painting, more landscaping, and purging – I think everyone feels this way in January after all the Christmas decorations are down.





My first little piece of art to share for 2013…this canvas was made using an old cabinet photo. I love the sweet face and crisp image. I added old vintage laces, buttons, and a vintage rhinestone pin.


I wanted to also share these beautiful pieces of art that arrived before Christmas from Dorthe Hansen. I was tickled to receive them in the mail and the details are so special. Thank you Dorthe!

Looking forward to continued friendship, art, and inspiration from all of you in 2013. May 2013 bring many blessings, good health and a happier world.

About Sugar Lump Studios

I am a dabbler. I love to create using all sorts of mediums...pattern papers, stamping, fabric, assemblage, collage, altered art, a never ending smattering of whatever strikes my fancy in whimsical moments. I find creating allows my soul to be fulfilled and love to spend hours in the studio.


  1. Happy New Year, Nancy. I hope you and your family enjoy good health and happiness in 2013.

    I love your canvas. Such a sweet image and the vintage lace is to die for.

    Chris xx

  2. Oh my!! friend of my heart is BEAUTIFUL…lovely, just lovely Nancy..and I so agree good riddance 2012…
    Glad your home is coming together and we are always making changes..it’s what makes our houses our homes……best of health for 2013!

  3. Dear Nancy, I sure hope 2013 brings you lots of joy, health and creativity!
    x0x Dymphie

  4. Loving your beautiful work Nancy and wishing you a very Happy and Joyful New Year, Annette x

  5. Oh my, your “Friend of my Heart” is just precious. Absolutely love it.

    Aren’t you supposed to buy, gut, remodel, and then move in????? I had a kitchen makeover years ago, but…that meant no cooking in the kitchen for a couple of days!!!
    And that was the ONLY thing we had torn apart. Hope for your sake you can get all those things done this year. Health problems and knee surgeries can certainly get in the way of things!!!!!

    Dorthe’s sweet gifts must have been a real treat to open.

  6. My dear Miss Nancy,

    I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2013.
    May all your wishes com true.


    P.S. All your work is a dream. Thanks for your wonderful creativity.

  7. Dear Nancy,
    Your first canvas is the sweetest lovely piece, –
    I know how you have struggled with many difficult,
    things in 2012, and wishes you a quiet and pieceful,
    healthy and happy 2013, dear friend.
    Thankyou for so lovingly showing my little christmas
    gift!- (The beauyi I recieved from you in on my
    second last post)
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  8. What a beautiful title “Friend of My Heart” for you canvas! It is just a piece of beauty that would please any heart!
    It has been a hard year for you dear friend and through it all you have continued to create the most beautiful pieces – it is a credit to you!
    May the light keep shining through for you in this New Year bringing with it more hope for a joyful heart and a peaceful mind.
    Thank you Nancy for my little treasures. They are precious!
    Sending warm hugs,

  9. As ever, your art piece is stunning. Thanks for also sharing Dorthe’s beauties. Your house will be worth the wait, I am sure. Mostly, I hope you have a healthy year! Sue

  10. Beautiful art here! I hope this year brings you happiness and great health. Don’t worry too much about finishing your project. In it’s time.

  11. Beautiful art (as always)!
    Dear Nancy, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas?
    Wishing you a healthy, happy, and joyous New Year! I look forward to more of your beautiful creations in 2013!
    Hugs MARTINA

  12. Happy 2013 Nancy, may it bring you everything you hope for! Gorgeous canvas piece and what nice gifts from Dorthe. Hope you are having a great week.


  13. Marilyn J. Rock says:

    Nothing like starting 2013 with your beautiful art! I wish you and yours a Healthy and Happy New Year! I look forward to sharing more with you, here, and on Pinterest in the coming year :)

    xxoo Marilyn

  14. Oh, Nancy, your canvas is gorgeous! What a sweet photo and a scrumptious piece of lace!♥ xoxo

    I love your precious treasures from dear Dorthe. What a sweetheart she is.♥

    Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and finally-settled-in-the-house New Year,
    Pat xoxo

  15. Hi Nancy,

    Awesome as always! I will put the graphic on my blog! I can’t wait!
    Hope the New Year brings good health and more for you and your family!
    Hugs from me! PS- the K-3 black kittens are getting so big! They all chirp at us and we are happy having them- though they tend to get into everything so I had to move a lot of breakables. They are a blessing for us- my house is never quiet now.

  16. Dear Nancy,
    your canvas is absolutely gorgeous – love it. Dorthe’s gifts are so precious and she is such a sweetheart.Isn’t she? Have the most wonderful New Year.

  17. Yes I noticed that more stuff needs to get done in our house as well- now that it’s Christmas decoration-free. Is it still snowing like crazy over there? All the best to you this year!

    Sandy xox

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


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