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Happy New Year! I must say that saying goodbye to 2012 was easy for me to do this year. We had so many health problems, surgeries, and scares this past year that I hope 2013 will bring many blessings instead. I always love getting a clean start with a brand new year.


One of my (many) goals this year is to get more situated in our home. We bought it January 2010, moved in six weeks later after gutting it. I didn’t even have kitchen counters when we moved in. It has taken some time to get anything done (hubby had two knee surgeries during this time) and I want things to finally feel situated. Painting, more landscaping, and purging – I think everyone feels this way in January after all the Christmas decorations are down.





My first little piece of art to share for 2013…this canvas was made using an old cabinet photo. I love the sweet face and crisp image. I added old vintage laces, buttons, and a vintage rhinestone pin.


I wanted to also share these beautiful pieces of art that arrived before Christmas from Dorthe Hansen. I was tickled to receive them in the mail and the details are so special. Thank you Dorthe!

Looking forward to continued friendship, art, and inspiration from all of you in 2013. May 2013 bring many blessings, good health and a happier world.

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