{Go Blue Drew!}

My Sergeant “Sugar Lump” is on his way…HOME!!! My “Go Blue Drew”!!!! It has been 10 long months since I have seen my dearest son since his deployment to Iraq. This photo was the last I took of him in Georgia when we said good-bye. He leaves Iraq today…and hopefully will arrive in Germany sometime tomorrow or over the weekend…everything depends on weather (sandstorms this time of year) and flights.
I am a mess…excited, scared, relieved, and have had a stress headache all week to go with it!

I bet Andrew is beyond excited. He can take real showers, sleep, and eat REAL food! He said all he wants to do when he comes home is “REST” …and that he deserves! I will keep you posted when he arrives. Please say a few prayers he has a safe journey back to Michigan and he will be with his family for “18 days” of deserved REST!!!

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