{Godspeed Andrew}

This morning was a brief moment to enjoy with my son before we said our farewells.
He is returning to Georgia today, and awaits his deployment to Iraq on September 17.
I am thankful for the little get togethers with family we were able to do the last few days.
My Mom who hates her picture being taken even allowed a few shots. We do not know when we will see Andrew again and that makes it even more painful to say good-bye.

My hope is to take a trip to Georgia before he deploys, Andrew would like me to meet his platoon before they ship to Iraq. I would love that also – and perhaps get one more hug before I don’t see my boy.

Today was especially difficult letting go and saying good-bye because it is the 10 month anniversary of my Dad’s death. I know he was with us in spirit today – and would be so proud of his grandson.

Andrew will be having an MRI tomorrow, followed by a consultation appointment Tuesday.
He is not passing the hearing tests and they are concerned what this might be. If you could keep him in your thoughts I would appreciate it.

Godspeed Andrew –

“Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen carefully. ” –

Littlefoot’s Mother – from the “Land Before Time”.

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