{Goodbye August, Hello September}


I’m not ready for it to be September. I cannot turn back the clock and make summer return. I had so many plans in my mind, and honestly few happened. While I do love seasons, I am finding more and more that cold weather is starting to really effect me, especially since having the stroke. I am honestly dreading winter! :( If anyone wants to adopt me in a warmer climate for January – March I will be right down! lol

On a positive note, I have met with volunteer services at the hospital where I did my stroke recovery and will be working towards becoming a volunteer there. This meeting this past week made me very happy and gave me some purpose. It will be rewarding and challenging at the same time. My mind has been spinning with ideas I could do on my own locally to help spread stroke awareness.





Just a little collage cigar box that I made using Paper Whimsy images and alterable products back in 2014…I don’t use yellow tones much so I always find it a bit challenging. Words were cut from old sheet music.


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