{Goodbye Baxter}


Baxter September 2000 – June 2014

Yesterday, June 18, 2014 I had the difficult decision of putting my cat Baxter to sleep after he was diagnosed with an illness in April. The weeks leading into my final decision have been agonizing, but I know it was best to not make him suffer any longer.

He was a cat like no other that I have owned in my lifetime. So docile, never angry, always snuggling with anyone and everything. He even shared the dog bed with my boxer Hailey each night, and quite often I would find the dog on the couch in the morning always forfeiting the bed over to Baxter.


My daughter and Baxter – August 2013

Baxter would also “trill” at a moments notice when he was happy or excited about something. I have buried him along the treeline on my yard, and when weather permits will start building more around his little area there.

Goodbye Buddy – my heart is shredded in a million pieces today looking for you in my routine around the house. I will miss you always…thank you for all the love and joy you gave me for nearly 14 years! Your sisters Hailey, Millie and best kitty bud Sophie Lou will miss you dearly too!



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