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Hello and Happy February! Since I have not been creating today I am featuring some projects from Valentine past. February is one of my favorite month’s because of Valentine’s Day…and also I was born in this month.

I went to the doctor again last week and told him all my woes. I knew in my gut that things were not right, and he listened and ordered many blood tests. I received the results by phone call last Saturday and now know that I have mono/EBV (Epstein Barr Virus)…honestly…I have never been so ill. Since I have auto immune problems anyways it probably really hit me hard. Today I had an ultrasound on liver (fine) and more blood work and I will go in again Thursday for blood again. I am still not convinced that the flu shot and tdap vaccine did not cause this as that is when I got so ill in December and it just seemed to be escalating.

The good news is I know what it is now and I have a new appreciation for anyone that has mono. Trying to rest and take it easy, but honestly after 18 months of fighting the stroke and deficits from it and now this I feel more then defeated.

My goal for the month is to get well and create something. Anything. Art does heal and I am a firm believer in that. Thanks for listening to me wah wah wah one more time. I hope next time my post will be much more happy and healthy!

Hugs to you all for your support!

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