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Hello Dear Friends! I managed the past few days to hang out in the studio. My mojo has been pouring out, my energy not so much. I go with the flow…and Sunday it was really pouring. This is a new page in the chipboard journal I started last year. Layers of paint, texture, more paint. I used images and alterables (fence, wings, and hearts) from Paper Whimsy. The song lyrics are from an old Stevie Nicks song that I have always loved dearly.

I wanted to thank you again for your continued support, messages, and those who have come out of lurking yet again. It really means so much to me.




On January 24, I will be at 6 months since the stroke. How is that even possible? It seems just like yesterday, but at times so long ago. I’m doing PT at a new location 2 days a week right now. Today, I stepped on a treadmill as I now have an AFO for my leg. It was set VERY low, but I did 5 minutes before my toe was dragging and we stopped to rest. I cried, my physical therapist hugged me and she reminded me that it was a HUGE accomplishment.

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