{Hello June}


Hello and Happy June! I am still here and cannot believe it has been nearly a month since my last post. My goal for June? Be more consistent with writing and posting again. I think about it daily, but I have been a bad procrastinator.

I will be starting Physical Therapy again tomorrow. This time working on my rotator cuff which has been a problem since the stroke happened. I am hoping my favorite therapist can work her mojo on it, as this effects the deficit I already have in my right hand/arm making it difficult to work on anything for long amounts of time.

On a happy note…these are a few things that have been accomplished this past month (always need to look for something good)

My sister, Leslie signed me up to become a Young and Healthy Essential Oils Independent Distributor. I am very excited about this as I have used many of the oils in my healing recovery from the stroke (especially on my right foot). There is lots of reading and learning to do…and I still struggle with retaining things at times. So little bits.


I reached one of my goals on the path I try to walk on last week. I got to the bridge portion of the Lakeland trail that overlooks the Huron River. It exhausts me for the day, but I was so happy to finally reach the river and walk on to the bridge. I also have been trying to walk this without my cane.


My son Ian, his lovely girlfriend Anne, and my grandpup Kane joined me on my second time reaching the bridge. I know these seem like such small things, but for me right now they are huge. I never knew (still don’t) how hard recovering from this would be. Learning to walk and use my right side. Dealing with the days when my body wants to act “drunk” and not cooperate is very frustrating. Still trying to “rest” when I tire (easier said then done) and take things day by day. I am oh so very fortunate being a survivor, but I do have pity parties from time to time. My sister told me I am allowed 20 minutes a day if I need to have a melt down, and then pick myself up again and tackle the world. I don’t need that every day, but it isn’t easy I will not lie.




I’m looking forward to getting more on track, and hopefully creating more art once again.
Happy Monday and Happy June! xoxoxoxoxo

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