{Hoot Couture}

hoot couture

As seen on the Paper Whimsy Hoot Couture

Owl’s a-hooting in the trees,Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Jack o’lanterns grin at you,Oh! Oh! Oh!
Halloween is coming soon and this project is sure to be a hit in your festive decor. Add sequins and feathers to create some bling. They can be used on various projects. Create Hoot picks, cards, tags, treat bags, or wreaths. This would be a great project for young children too!

Digi Sheet 279 – Owls
Digi 264
Digi Sheet 270
Mini Fasteners
Black ribbon
Dazzler Sequins
Antique Silver Glitter
3D Pop Dots
Black Card stock
Black buttons

(1) Print Digi 264 pennants, cut out and distress with ink. Mat on to black cardstock and cut edges with deckle scissors.
Add black buttons to bottom point. Set black eyelets in corners of each pennant. Run black ribbon through each pennant leaving extra for hanging purposes.

(2) Cut out owls, hats, collars, and boots. Glitter edge of owl collar with silver glitter. Add sequins around the eyes of each owl face. Adhere witches hats on top of owl head. Add boots using mini brads at bottom of owl body. Place pop dots on the back of each owl (several) and adhere to pennants. Add Boo letters to belly of owl with pop dots.

(3) Cut out pumpkins and BOO letters, distress with ink. Cut old book text in a circle with deckle edge scissors and add glitter to the outer edge. Glue pumpkins in center. Add pop dots to back of text and place on pennant background.

Hang this from a shelf bracket, window ledge, china cabinet, or office cubicle. I would love to see your own couture that you create! Happy Haunting!

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