{Jane Market Bag}

I think sewing this bag was the highlight of my week! I need to whine…
Our house has been surrounded by “Murphy’s Law”…the central air went out Tuesday (of course when it was in the 90’s), last nights storm caused my brother’s room to leak in the ceiling area near his window, my power cord to the laptop bit the dust and we had to order the new cord online (no stores nearby carry it) and hubby’s computer is low on virtual memory and he has to sit down to tweak it. I hope nothing else happens this week…I am getting ready for 7 out of town guests next week and I think that my nerves can’t take anymore! :) Whine over!

I made the bag using a pattern from http://www.rosylittlethings.com/janemarketbagpattern.html and can’t wait to make more. I used calico fabrics and my next bags I might go for something a little more heavier…either way it really isn’t too hard to make.

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