{January Birthday’s and Totally Random}


Today I am celebrating my oldest son Ian’s 29th birthday! I cannot believe it has been 29 years since he arrived in this world. He brought some Pud Thai (which I have not had in years) for lunch and we ate at my house. We also celebrated the occasion with “Grumpy Cat”…my new friend I received at Christmas from my nephew Hunter. “Grumps” hangs out in the studio with me and always makes me smile with that smooshie face.


This is an oldie card from the archives. My fingers are not at that point of creating things like this, but I am getting pretty darn close.


My little Grandpup Kane turns 3 on January 27th. I have not seen him for a few months now :-( and hope to change that soon.


My official “6 Month Recovery” photo. I know it is strange, but I try to document as much as I can about this process. Maybe it is the former scrapbooker in me? This past week, I went shopping with some Christmas money and bought a few things for myself. I have been “trying” to treat myself well. New tops and comfortable clothes always pick up anyone’s spirits! :-)

Happy Monday!


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