{Lace Antiquities}

Happy 2012! I am really excited about a new fresh year beginning and plan to have a fabulous year!
This is my first little freebie project for 2012…something simple but sweet! I hope 2012 brings each one of you many blessings and I am looking forward to growing and sharing with you all!

Old cabinet cards
Eyelets and setter
E6000 Glue
Assorted vintage laces
mother of pearl buttons
vintage jewelry bits
old book text
silk flowers


(1) Select cabinet card and set 2 eyelets in upper corners of card.

(2) Insert wire to height or loop desired. You can be creative and add curls to your wire also.
Or loop ribbon through the holes as your hanger.

(3) Cut one piece of lace 2 1/2 times the bottom of your card. Make a gathering stitch on the sewing machine and pull until pleated.

(4) Glue gathered lace to backside of cabinet card using E6000 glue. Do NOT hot glue the lace it will pop off. Add clothespins or clamps to lace and allow time to dry.

(5) Select another pattern of lace and glue to front side of cabinet card. Clamp if you need to and allow time to dry.

(6) Add one more layer of lace or an applique to center. Glue old rhinestone jewelry, silk flowers, or charms to center.

(7) Glue a bit of “word art” using old book text for your phrases.

(8) Tie ribbon or lace as a bow on wire handle.

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