{Lacy Fabric Tags and Replica Key}



This sweet key was given to me this past week when my daughter was unpacking some of her things since her move here. It is a replica she purchased at the Whitefish Point Lighthouse gift shop, most likely one of the lighthouse keepers from long ago. But, I just love it!! Last night, she sent me a link that they still needed volunteers to stay at some of the lighthouses this year as “keepers” in part of a volunteer program Michigan does with many of their lights. I am sending an email this morning to see if any of those “spots” are still available. What an awesome service that would be!





These are a few fabric tags that I made a few weeks back. Still getting used to the sewing machine, but I am further then I was two months ago controlling and using it. The weather has been so gorgeous here this past week, all I want to do is be outside and drink it in.


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