{Lazy Days}

Here are a few items that I made this past week…some are still available in my Etsy shop. The Whimsical Altered Spoon tutorial is also available there.

I have been enjoying the lazy days of summer around our home. I am still waking at the crack of dawn (thanks to the birds that have parties @ 4:30 am and the sunlight that streams in our large window.) I garden in the morning and go in when it gets hot to create. I have a little area set up in the master bedroom, and while it is not the creative space I had before…it is cozy! We garden again in the evening when it is cool. Michigan has been hit by some rather nasty storms, tornados, and on Wednesday we felt the earthquake that hit Toronto. CRAZY! I am adjusting to “allergies”…doctor said on Tuesday she thinks I am allergic to plants, trees and possibly the house. We are trying to find the source of the problem but I now have much more sympathy for fellow allergy sufferers.

We started painting the trim in the dining room and painting the old wood entry door into our home yesterday. I plan to paint the outside shutters the same color. Lots of work, but so worth it!

Thank you for the kind comments about the Gothic Arch eBook. It was definately a labor of love and I appreciate all who contributed. May it give you hours of creative mojo.

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