{Little Thrifting Finds}

Hello My Friends!

I wanted to share one of the beautiful rosaries that was purchased while out thrifting. I found this the day before the fall, and today I tried holding a camera up to take pictures of it. Very painful, but I DID it!

I have searched high and low on the internet about anything that looks like this. I have not found a rosary even close because of the capped filigree beads. It says “ITALY” on the back of the cross. It really is beautiful, so since I have not been creating because of my arm and hand, maybe one of you might know something about things like this.

Thank you for the well wishes. The healing process has truly been something I never knew with broken bones. I also have a tear in my ATFL in my ankle. But, things are improving so much. I have slept in my own bed now for two nights rather then a lazy boy chair (nearly a month of that). Physical therapy on arm starts next week, and the ankle already is being worked on. I am slowly being able to type with my right hand as well and reaching however painful the movement is coming.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

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