This piece was recently published in the October/November 2006 issue of Legacy magazine.
The collage is featured on page 58. Although there is a typo (it is actually my Aunt and Uncle – my father’s older siblings) I was delighted to finally see it in print.
I am not a subscriber (for shame I know – believe me I will be) and went to 5 stores (even in Kentucky last weekend) looking for this copy. Last night my husband found the issue at Borders…I was so thrilled :)

The photograph was taken in Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1922. My Aunt Greta and Uncle Jim were just about to immigrate with their parents to the United States. This photo is very precious to me. I think my Aunt is adorable and she is the only biological Aunt I ever had. The photo reminds me of the hardships my grandparents endured in Scotland (my grandfather was a seventh generation coal miner) and the sacrifices they made for their family when they immigrated to America.

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