{Making Cards…}

January is already slipping away, and the weather has been more then strange here. I actually had thunderstorms in my state last night. Lot of cold, rain, snow, ice, and well a good time to stay in and create. I am still making cards and tags because it seems to be what I can do creatively. I desperately want to sew, but sewing (especially hand sewing) is much different for me since the stroke.

My studio is quite different now. I have not completely gotten the grove of it yet, and that plays havoc with creation (at least I think). I moved some things a few weeks ago and it seems to help me. I had a little area before (one 1/2 of my former bedroom) and now I have a master bedroom to create in. It is actually too big for me. :-) Still tweaking it and hope to show it at some point.



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