{Mama’s Precious Gift}

Ian, Andrew and Allison

Ian and Andrew

While Andrew was on leave two weeks ago – I was able to coordinate getting three siblings together for a portrait.

We did this without an appointment (No No Bad Mom)and the photographer squeezed us inbetween bookings because it was the only time the kids had before Andrew went back. The last portrait I had taken of the three together was in November 1997 – and this recent shoot was no different (whining, a little bickering, and some eye-rolling).

I told them I did not care what they wore – I even can smile at my daughter’s blond/pink/and blue hair because their photo’s are the greatest gift they could have given their Mama. :)




Thank you for your thoughts and prayers…
Andrew received the results from his MRI – no brain tumor, most likely a hereditary trait of hearing loss (I suffer from inner ear problems and some hearing loss – his Dad has 30%-40% in his ears)….so the diagnosis is to stay away from loud music…
and if the hearing loss continues he will have to leave the Army. He is still scheduled to deploy in September.

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