{Melting My Heart}


A wee cigar box made into a fairy land.


My daughter Allison (aka Alli) stopped by the other afternoon with her beau Sam, and we were looking through photos on her phone of a recent trip over to Saugatuck, Michigan. They walked out along the shores of Lake Michigan sledding from the dunes down to the beach when they took the photo on her phone. I fell in love with expressions on their faces and it literally melted my heart the moment she shared it.


Millie Mae is now almost 12 weeks old. She is “just barely” sleeping through the night…seems 4 and 5 am are her wake up times. Other than my lack of sleep – she is getting more enjoyable…and her big sister Hailey has been AMAZING with her!

Sam’s Mom gave Allison a huge collection of unknown relative cabinet cards…literally from their own family collection, that she no longer wished to keep them. My daughter (and son’s) known I adore “creepy attic photos” and they are now in my possession.

The interesting part of their history is they are from Detroit, or the Hamtramck area which has a HUGE Polish population. I’ve never seen so many communion photos even on an antique hunt which was very interesting, especially with young men. Now I have a nice stash to create some pieces with.




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