{Miss Adelaide Rose}

About a week before Christmas, I came upon an amazing find. There was a local estate sale that I had attended and found some great things. But, there were a few items I was still interested in. I went back for a retro mink coat for my daughter that was a complete steal, and the nice young man remembered me. I want  dress form (they had many) and they were all too pricey. So, he brought this one down from  the loft and said I could have it for $20.00! I was thrilled!

I had fun dressing her with an antique lace collar and silver locket that my children gave me years ago.

As you can see, her top neck area is broken, but I love her so it adds character. I also love the base. I have not seen any base like that on the internet or Pinterest.

I asked on my social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) for name suggestions and I am offically announcing her name as:

Miss Adelaide Rose

I will just call her Miss Adelaide. I look forward to having her in the studio area and dressing her up as seasons change.


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