{My Sweet Valentine Collage Cards}








Hello out there! I figured it was the middle of the month…in a brand new year…and I better get with the program in being a better blogger in 2016! Honestly, I do not know where the time goes each day…but much of it seems to go to the never ending “recovery” process. I am in PT again with my “bone whisperer” …she makes my muscles and bones speak to each other again (not a chiropractor – big difference). Currently, she is working on adjusting my right rib cage (which is on the stroke effected side) and doing her magic mojo two days a week. :-)

So in between that time of running to PT and other January doctor appointments, I try to eek in creative time. But, it really just seems to barely ever be there. I am sharing these Valentine cards with you that I was able to complete (and I have a fabric book I have been working on as well). Making cards is not what it used to be, much more tedious process with my hand and the stickles are what I consider Occupational Therapy. Yes, as of late I am in a “wah” stage of recovery. It sucks. I hate being different and struggling – but I need to learn to accept it.

So here is to keeping on, accepting what is…and striving to be better!




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