{November Winds}

A pretty Scottish home!

Hello Everyone!
I really thought there would be more art for me to share with you by now, but recovery is still very tiring. I have been working on things…but this is the stage I am at and it has been 3 weeks…


I want to thank each of you for your kind words and encouragement. It really means so much to me. Just taking a moment to do that makes all the difference on a “bad day”. I still learn something NEW everyday about strokes. It really does hit people of all ages – and that to me is very scary! The brain is a very complex and difficult thing, and the healing after an injury or stroke is also very complex. Each person is totally different in their recovery.

My speech is great, except when I get upset or tired then it can slow down. I still continue to do well with small amount of walking, and I graduated to a regular cane. My right hand/side we are still working on in PT/OT. I don’t feel all of my right hand’s doing but I make it do it anyways! They still say at therapy that I am doing AWESOME so I have to trust what they say…I’ve never done this before.

I have also found a NEW ADDICTION and it is helping me with my motor skills.
Instagram!!! Oh my the eye candy…I love my Pinterest too…but this is a little easier at times. I hope you will consider following me if you Instagram too!



I hope to get better at visiting your blogs again soon!

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