{Simply Neutrals #32 – Ode to the Amethyst}

Today, February 6th I am celebrating my 54th birthday!

I am joining Simply Neutrals Tuesday today. You can learn more about it on Wen’s blog…Simply Neutrals Tuesday

For Simply Neutrals Tuesday, I will be sharing some of my favorite Amethyst jewelry pieces that I have been given over the years. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. I love anything purple and feel lucky that the birth flower (violet) and stone for February are just that!

This Amethyst bar pin belonged to my Paternal Grandmother. It is made from yellow and rose gold. She did not have fancy things growing up, so it is something I assume she cherished very much.

This little heart necklace and bracelet are costume jewelry that was given to me on my 14th birthday. I remember how exciting it was to open them before school that morning and wearing them that day. The memories of wearing this during my teen years bring back many happy memories.

In recent years, a pretty Amethyst ring that I was given for my birthday. If you have not noticed yet, I also collect hearts. So, anything purple, amethyst or hearts is a safe bet with me! :-)

A little pair of sweet earrings that were given recently. I love all colors and clarity of amethysts (light to dark).

I hope you have enjoyed my little peek at some of my special jewelry and memories that come with it.

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