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When March 3rd arrives each year, I always reminisce about my maternal Grandmother. Grandma Jessie Mary (Simms) Ford was born March 3, 1903 (03/03/03) on a farm in Redford, Michigan which is now part of Detroit. She was one of 9 children.

Jessie (top left), William and Florence

Grandma was a fun lady to be around and very crafty. Mom always said I got my creative gene from her. From the time I was six until age eighteen, I rarely saw my Maternal Grandparents due to a family falling out. They only lived 1/2 hour away…but unless it was a funeral or someones wedding I didn’t see them. But, I always received birthday and Christmas cards, and various notes during the year…so I did feel loved by them.

Sheehan School – Redford Michigan –
Grandpa and Grandma went to school together

During my last visit with my Grandfather in December 1982 (age 18), he broke down and wept like a child. He apologized for all the years that he had not been involved in my life. I reassured him, that I always knew that they loved me and promised to be back for a visit soon, he told me I would not see him again. He was right, as he passed away about a week later. Although, it was painful to see my Grandpa cry over the years of dysfunction, I was glad he had closure on it before he left this earth.

I still have the letters, cards, etc. that were sent and occasionally pull them out to read and feel close to my Grandparent’s again.

When my Grandmother was losing her battle to cancer, I spent a lot of time with her. We both loved the color purple — and she would have me pick something out of her china cabinet to take home whenever I was there. Most of the antiques in my home are from Grandma and I treasure each and every one of them. Many reside in my studio area where I can be surrounded by memories of those I have loved! I am sharing just a few of the items I have from the Simms/Ford side…


Lace tatting, mother of pearl buttons and a cameo that belonged to Grandma

Cake tier (purple violets) from Grandma’s China cabinet

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to you Grandma! I bet they’re playing BINGO up in heaven!

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  1. just love visiting your blog lots of lovely elegance

  2. what a lovely tribute to your grandmother – and your page for her memory is so beautiful!

  3. Donna E says:

    What a lovely post! I have some of the same tatting/lace trim as in your picture and my grandmother’s cameo, too. What beautiful treasures! Thank you for sharing. ~ Donna

  4. aww
    how sweet and beautiful!!
    i have years in my eyes…
    lovely tribute t your grandparents.
    happy birthday Jessie!!

  5. A beautiful and artistic tribute to your grand mother. xo

  6. What a wonderful remembrance of your Grandma and Grandpa Nancy, Happy Birthday Jessie!

  7. this post just warmed my heart. I think we have a lot in common regarding our ancestors and surrounding ourselves with items from their past.

  8. Marjorie says:

    How wonderful it is to have those memories and mementos to see and touch. How sad when there’s a falling out in a family, but was glad to see there was a closure finally. I know I have some family ancestors that disappeared long before I was born and have tried to find them via ancestry.com, but without any info it’s hard to track. Beautiful post Nancy.

  9. Such a beautiful and cherished tribute to your both of your grandparents. Your G-ma was quite the lovely child, so I can see how she would have been as an adult! I do see some of you in her and maybe that is just the crafty gene! Lovely post, Nancy! Big Hugs!

  10. So glad I saw your post on FB and hopped over here to read your blog. A beautiful post and love the tatted lace from your Grandma Jessie. I always breaks my heart to hear of family feuds because of the pain it brings, I’m so glad you were able to listen to what your Grandfather had to say, bless them both for keeping the “doors” open between your lives with cards and letters.

  11. What a lovely post about your grandmother. I think that she is looking down while reading your blog, and is happy that you so value her treasures. XO Sue

  12. What a lovely tribute to your grandmother…..and wonderful that you have those treasured belongings.

  13. Nancy your post is a beautiful tribute to your grandmother, wonderful treasures she has given to you, I also have treasures from my grandmother and every time I look at them, I remember her, memories are a lovely thing to have.

  14. Linda K says:

    what a beautiful post honoring your grandparents Nancy. It is so special to have such mementoes to keep the memories alive. And how special that conversation between you and your grandfather, giving him closure. So often it doesn’t happen.

  15. Hello Dear Nancy,
    Your memory art here is lovely! Your post is so full of delicate emotion. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you at 18 to experience your grandfather in remorse! But how wonderful that he got there and you got to know he loved you. Hearing about your visits with your grandmother really touched my heart too.

  16. Nancy,
    such a lovely tribute to your Grandmother! All of those treasures that you have because she wanted to share them with you speaks mountains of love! Your story about your Grandpa make me tear-up,and feel glad as you said he was able to get that burden off his soul before he passed- thank you so much for sharing your special memories and stories.

  17. Thank you for sharing your precious grandparents and memories with us dear Nancy…
    this post is wonderful on so many levels…
    what a blessing your grandfather got to make peace which was and is a truly priceless gift ♥
    Happy March to you and yours

  18. So beautiful memories to treasure, dear Nancy,-
    You are lucky to have been that close to your grandparents for some of your
    childhood and youth years, –mine lived far away, and I barely saw them as a teenager .
    The things you was gifted are all such beautiful pieces to savour, and your collage is a fantastic piece of art.
    xox ,Dorthe

  19. Beautiful! A really lovely tribute to your grandparents.

  20. A lovely tribute to your grandmother, dear Nancy! And your page is so stunning! Beautifully created!

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