{Our Millie Mae}




I wanted to introduce you to our newest family member Millie Mae aka “Millie”…a six week old Boxer pup. She is fiesty and sleeps only 1.5 hours at a time. Millie is making herself at home with our boxer Hailey and two kitties.


Millie is a Brindle boxer and quite the little fiesty bundle of joy. Sadly, her Mama passed just 5 days after she and her siblings were born so the family dynamics are quite different with this pup.


I forgot how exhausting puppies are – or rather I’ve never had a puppy that was like a newborn with colic. I’m hoping in the next week her sleeping schedule will be better – and I can once again get a few hours sleep at a time. In the meantime, our hands are pretty full…but we are enjoying her antics and hopefully you will also in the months to come as she grows!


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