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Hope, Faith, Joy and Dreams…prayers for those we love and those we may not know but support spiritually. I first discovered “Prayer Flags” a few weeks back. I was instantly intrigued. I loved the history behind them and the way one could express themselves through art and healing. In my eyes “prayers” are from all faiths and a support network that each of us can share.

I decided to make the prayer flags in a neutral color scheme. Hand sewn words of encouragement are on each flag. You could also do this using letter stamps, rub on words, or if your flag is going to be hung indoors…print out words on paper and sew on to the fabric.


(1) Cut fabric or paper to desired width/length for prayer flag. I cut cotton canvas 5 inches wide by
9 inches tall. The top hem is 3/4 inch. You can experiment with lengths for your flags and hem widths. I frayed the edges by pulling strands of fabric.

(2) Add layers of lace randomly on the fabric. You could also use layers of printed calico fabrics. I stitched with my sewing machine but this could also be done by hand. The trick is adding layers a little at a time to build up a “base” of sorts for your flag.

(3) Using embroidery floss, I hand stitched words on to each flag. I did not aim for perfection with my lettering, but a more “primitive” look.

(4) Add charms, buttons, beads, and embellishments to your flag.

(5) Create several flags and hang on a long piece of twine, string, or ribbon. Or find pieces of driftwood and sticks and insert through the top hem. Display individually, or as a garland outside, in the studio, office, or bedroom.


Experiment with colors and patterns for your flags.
Create larger hemlines at the top of the flag for visual interest.
Add remnants of ruffles or old hankies at the bottom of the flags.
Use rubber stamps or paint on flags to add mixed media effects.


To learn more about Prayer Flags you may visit this blog:


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