{Robin’s-Egg Blue Inspiration}


robin eggs 5 compressed


The chipboard journal pages were made using layers of paint, and a honeycomb stencil mask overlay. Little dabs of gold paint dots along the edges, Paper Whimsy images, wallpaper border, Paper Whimsy alterables painted gold, and book text cut and placed around the photo.


The altered dress canvas was made by building up layers of cheesecloth and white paper doilies (background) painted with robin’s egg blue paint. Hand sewn dress in center and Paper Whimsy alterable painted in another shade of blue taking center stage.


I wanted to share some recent art pieces that were completed. I don’t feel my mojo is quite with it of late because Millie (the pup) is very demanding. My mornings normally start at 4:00 am and I collapse by 8:30 p.m. A vicious cycle for weeks now. While I adore winter…this one has been pretty brutal on my health and tending a little pup.

As you can see, I am leaning towards blue in most of the projects…and I especially adore “robins egg blue” at this time of year. There is something peaceful and serene about the color.

As Millie settles into more of a routine (yes, I have hope) maybe my mojo will return. I find with my art that unless I can create something every day, I get rusty, grumpy and lost! But, that is probably lack of sleep. :-)


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