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We made it to 2010! This year is sure to have many challenges and changes and I hope to handle each one of them. I have spent New Year’s Day sitting in my robe and pj’s just putzing around…not really doing much of anything. My winter break from work didn’t consist of all the “creative things” I wished to accomplish. Seems the past week has been spent on meetings, paperwork, and inspections. Tomorrow we meet with the home inspector to go over the place once again.

We hope to take possession on January 12 – this way we can get the tax credit that is being offered. Then comes the stress of gutting and demolation before we can move in. I still wonder…what was I thinking? But, I so love the area this home is located in (ironically we look at two places on the same street) and the yard and views it offers. I can’t wait to garden, plant and landscape. I know that there will be little creative time for me the next few months (but we can consider decorating, painting, and remodeling creating right?) and I will miss my artsy side.

I have been packing breakables and decorative items this past week getting ready for the move, and continue to wonder how I accumulated so much stuff? I have so many family heirlooms and treasures that I could never ever part with and a lot of things that might be neccessary to say good-bye to in order to keep the clutter down.

I started a new blog today which chronicles the new home and all the renovations that will occur…will share it once we get underway. I know this is going to be an amazing time – just trying to stay focused!

Happy New Year Everyone! May 2010 be an AMAZING year filled with blessings for each and everyone of us! :)

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