{Shabby Cabinet of Curiosities}

I have been working on this little cabinet of curiosities for several weeks now on and off. Today I finally finished it and honestly had loads of fun making it. I have many little vintage treasures tucked through out that I broke it all down to share with you:

Each compartment has collaged script paper at the back. Inside hosts a gorgeous collection of treasures. Creating this piece was truly a labor of LOVE! I had so much fun making the little vignettes within each box.

#1 Box – A sweet bit of Edwardian Antique lace has been gathered and a bisque set of cherubs adorns it. A pretty bit of vintage bling centered underneath and on the shelf a few mother of pearl buttons.

#2 Box – A sweet charm frame with a Paper Whimsy face. A lock charm adorns the side. On the shelf, an old tiny wood bobbin with vintage lace, clock charm, old skeleton key and Prima rose.

#3 Box – A long charm with a Paper Whimsy image. In the center a bit of amethyst bling has been added (old earring) and a Prima rose adorns the shelf.

#4 Box – A darling vile filled with little pearl sead beads. A heart charm has been attached to the back of the box. Little clip and mother of pearl buttons adorn the shelf.

#5 Box – An old wooden spool which has vintage lace wrapped around. The front has been adorned with a gorgeous amethyst earring.

#6 Box – A vintage wood clothespin wrapped in vintage lace. The front has a charming rhinestone button.

#7 Box – A sweet rose vintage lace applique adorns the back of the box. A vintage rhinestone scatterpin nested in place. On the shelf sweet mother of pearl buttons.

#8 Box – A vintage optical lens which features a Paper Whimsy image behind it. Darling little vintage rhinestone buttons and mother of pearl adorn the shelf.

#9 Box – A charm featuring a Paper Whimsy image which has been adorned with silver corner brackets and a vintage pin. The shelf contains an old skeleton key, mother of pearl buttons and vintage pieces of lace.

#10 Box – Another piece of Antique Edwardian lace tucked inside the box and adorned with vintage rhinestone buttons and Prima Rose.

I don’t make pieces like this often, but have listed it in my shop: SOLD! Thank you so much Sonya!


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