{Shady Bronn Altered Book Page}

This altered page is titled “Shady Bronn” as part of the Hilda Conkling altered book set pages. I have not been able to create this past week, even sat down this morning and my mojo has left me. We closed on the house last Friday and we pulling up all the carpet and padding by Sunday afternoon. We literally had to use a shovel to scoop the padding up (picture buckets full of pink sand)…my hands ache from removing carpet tacks, nails and staples. Still we feel we have progressed quite well in the past week. New windows have been ordered, plumbing has been roughed in (new laundry, hot water heater and 2nd bathroom)and a new water softening system installed. The plumber will be back in a few weeks to install the toilet, vanity and bathtub/shower…hubby and I need to drywall these areas.

I have slowly been adding in photos on my blog about the house. While it is not my dream home…the property, views and location are and I will learn to simplify as we move into a smaller home. If you want to take a peek what remodeling woes lay ahead you can visit the blog here:

Rosewood Cottage

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